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To my cardiologist was yesterday. These are fun, and all started a while back when I had what was a single instance of AFIB. The day before I was starting a new job I woke up and my heart was racing, turns out it was racing at oh around 199+ beats per minute. Needless to say it was a bit scary. Went to the ER, and while there my heart was shocked back into its normal rhythm, I was given blood pressure meds (it was high, had been for years). Basically this was my bodies way of telling me to do something about the high blood pressure.

I should have known it would happen, it apparently runs in my family and most of those in my family other than my younger brother are taking BP meds.

So since that I have been seeing a cardiologist yearly to keep up with the BP meds and things have been normal since.

Now I have spent a good deal of my life into hardcore powerlifting, knee injuries put that to rest long ago, but I always try to move back in that direction. Which is what I was trying to do again recently with going back to strength training more or less. This is something that I am now revisiting in my mind after seeing the doc yesterday because well my reality at 48 is I don’t need to be super strong anymore, I need to be strong enough, but agile and fit. So I might be jumping back to Crossfit workouts because the reality is for fitness this is what works well for me, so I won’t get super strong, the reality is I don’t need it, I need to get fit, and get lean, and cut some weight, mostly body fat which I find the most important thing to get rid of at this point.

Being I do all my own programming for this stuff, it isn’t like I can’t mix it up and do silly shit for Crossfit workouts that include using curls and other exercises you don’t normally find just to specifically work those body parts if I should want to, I don’t know if that will be the case but hey who knows.

New year, new things to do, just gotta get to work.

Working out the logistics of this Carnivore diet I want to try, being I am going to be traveling heavily for work in the coming months and I figure I am going to need at least 3 good months on this to get me in the right direction before most likely transitioning back to a Paleo diet primarily. It should do what I need most, breaking my addiction to sugary crap.

OK, I am being seriously long winded here so this is it for now.

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