Workouts for the Weekend

OK, so workouts for this weekend


300M Row

5 Reps Power Clean 95lbs

10 Reps KB Sumo Squat 53lbs

15 Reps Box Jump

5 Rounds for Time.

Finished in like 34 minutes, knees were killing me on Saturday, gotta love the cold in the North East.


34 minutes Elliptical

Again, knees were an issue today, which is why I did the elliptical

One of the things I must start doing is getting in more Crossfit workouts during the course of this year, need to just lift more in general and this has always been good for me since I have started doing it. Cardio is good, but lifting always the best. Gotta do something to stay ahead of my shitty diet, at least until I get it all cleaned up.

All for now!

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