So yesterday this was my workout, was a Pull Day:

Deadlift – 5 x 6 x 205 lbs.

Pull-Ups – 5 x AMRAP

EZ Bar Curls – 5 x 6 x 68 lbs.

Barbell Row – 5 x 6 x 120 lbs.

Today I will be doing a second Push Day:

Military Press – 5 x 6 x 95 lbs.

Squats – 5 x 6 x 175 lbs.

Triceps Bench Dips – 5 x AMRAP

DB Arnold Press – 5 x 6 x 25 lbs.

Triceps Press – 5 x 6 x 68 lbs.

Push-Ups – 5 x AMRAP

This will come after we get done with work today.

On the diet front, I am working towards going full Keto until I get to my body fat goal, at this point I don’t think we are doing too bad, I figure we are about 80 – 85% of the way there and working towards 100%, we are learning how to do this a little at a time as we learn more about the diet itself and what we can and can’t eat and what not. I am still allowing myself a single cheat day, but gotta do that to stay sane. As far as my sweet tooth, I have pretty much conquered it, as I haven’t been eating any chocolate at all for weeks now, so doing good there.

Workouts for me will continue to be this push/pull thing I am doing until after I come back from my work trip which will run from 16 July to 3 Aug, as it will be easier to pull this off in a regular gym I am going to use for working out than to try CF workouts. When I come back from this trip I will go back to doing CF workouts because they are just more fun and engaging, but I am going to make sure I keep some strength building stuff in there by having at least 1 workout a week focus on singles in the big lifts that I find most important.

In terms of the new business, still working on the website, I have to get that all sorted out as I might just use this site plus PayPal for doing sales rather than doing the whole Shopify thing which I was thinking of or I might integrate the two, still not 100% sure on that as of yet. I have started up a Facebook page and changed over my Instagram which I will take off Private in a few days I hope, though I might do that today.

I am still searching for a means to get the necessary funding for the equipment I need for the business to really start it up right. The amount isn’t large but I haven’t seen to many locations that seem to be all hot and heavy for helping to fund things in the firearms industry, even if just holsters. We will see how that all works out going forward.

That is it for now.


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