Workout 29 Oct 2018

So, to get back to posting stuff, here is my workout from yesterday. I am back to doing a 5-3-1 type thing but working it my own way. I have to work out the whole thing in terms of how I plan on getting through it but once I do I will post that as well.


Military Press – 5 x 5 x 100
Reverse Laterals with Band – 5 x 8 x Brown
Single Arm Press – 5 x 5 x 50

And that is it. Today I will be doing a chest workout and will post that later after I complete it.

I have been doing keto for the most part, maybe more like 80 – 85% keto, but will be working my way towards getting to 100%, but I waited till I returned from traveling for work because that will make it easier to get back to it.

I spent the last 2 weeks in Spokane, WA which was rather interesting, just glad at least the weather was nice. But the rest of the trip was a shit show for sure. One of the things I have to work out with future travel is eating, because it is not an easy thing to travel and still eat good. But I am going to be looking into a meal service for my next trip I think and if I do this I will do a write up here on what I think of the service I use. Just not sure when the next travel will be.

This is it for now.


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    1. I was doing CrossFit style workouts after having run through 5/3/1 before, I usually revert back to CrossFit after my knees start to go again on me, this time sticking to cycling through 5/3/1 till I get a respectable amount of strength back, at my age won’t be easy, but my goal is shed body fat and rebuild lost muscle mass, and it ain’t going to get done through CrossFit.

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