Weekend Workouts

So this weekend though it was snowing on Saturday and snow coated ground on Sunday, there is a park down the street from us that my wife likes to go to and I have told her though I need to spend more time lifting or doing CrossFit workouts she gets to hit the park for running on the weekends, so that is what we did for this weekend.

Saturday we started out with just cold temps but by the time we were finished with the run it was snowing, just lightly but snowing none the less. Did about 2.2 miles mostly walking with some running mixed in due to knee pain.

Sunday, well it was cold, and the biggest issue was ice, the whole track in the park was iced over and that was an issue for me, so though I did about the same 2.2 miles it was much slower because I didn’t feel like hurting myself and all.


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