Two Week Fasting period…

Is now over, the end result I can certainly live with, I dropped roughly 15 lbs. over the course of those two weeks which is what I was hoping for. I am now as of yesterday down to 202.4 lbs, if I go by what my weight was a year ago when I last saw my cardiologist I am down by 30 lbs.

As of last week I completed my CPT, so now that part is done, I will be working on three more certifications from the ISSA, Nutrition, Transformation Specialist and Bodybuilding Specialist. This will bump up my cert level to Elite Trainer. I think after that I have to add two more specialties to bump it to Master, which I fully intend on doing.

In terms of opening this site itself up so that I can start offering online personal training that should happen in the next couple of months, as I have to write all the copy for the other pages and set up pricing and figure out advertising and I want to have my business plan fully written before hand as well. These are all things that are in progress at this moment. I have one thing getting in the way at this point which is a college course I signed up for which I need to finish before I can really get into all this other stuff to finish it up. So I am looking at being fully up and running by the end of the years.

As for what I am doing now that I am done with the fasting period, I am still doing intermittent fasting at 20:4 (20 hours fasting, 4 hour eating window), so that I can continue to burn more body fat which is what I want to do. I have an end goal weight of 175 – 180 at this point and physically getting into good enough physical condition to compete in an amateur men’s physique show at some point next year. Maybe even looking to get my pro card if they offer one in my age range. It is a lofty goal but one I am up for making happen even at 50.

All for now!

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