The Bomb Cyclone

LOL, I find that funny sounding, it is just to me at least another Nor’ Easter. A normal winter time occurrence to me for decades. The drive into work this morning was not really to fun, took about 15 – 20 minutes longer than normal. So not overtly to bad. I expect the ride home to be much worse due to the conditions worsening as the day goes by.

Now of course the reality is they should have shut this f*cking place down for the day due to the weather conditions but hey no one really cares about there employees enough to let them stay home safe. And then I am here, sitting at my desk what the f*ck is the air conditioning doing running still, its f*ckin’ January for crying out loud. So later I get to go outside and freeze after freezing in here all day long.

Such fun but hey this is my life, boring as all get out for sure.

All for now!

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