Suck at this…

So trying to start a blog, really more than one, and trying to manage more than one of these things is quite difficult, so now I have to get things all consolidated down to one single page and this is going to be the one I think at this point after starting to look at some things and what not.

So what have I been up to, trying to get in all my daily workouts first and foremost and then after that going to work, that boring thing we all must do. On top of that I decided that I am going to get my Personal Trainer certification back up to date and signed up to do so, hopefully will have that done by June. And I also signed up to start a Nutrition certification in April. I really miss the training thing, I used to do it and right now I just train me and my wife. But I want to get more into this as my side hustle to go with my full-time job of course.

Also right now trying to get myself going on the Keto diet, so that I can get rid of the one thing that I want to get rid of, body fat, this will likely be the best way to get it done of course and I need to get serious about it for sure, so that is the big thing I will be focusing on as well.

I am also planning on switching back to a more CrossFit focused training after messing around with a couple of other different styles of training over the last few months, my primary focus now with all training will be to be fit, and lower my body fat level, I am not so concerned with how much I weigh but how much body fat I have.

Oh, so being this is the new year, I don’t do resolutions, I am looking at getting to some goals, and they are as follows:

1.) drop body fat by at least 10%

2.) get personal trainer/nutrition certifications.

3.) keep up with my blogging.

4.) completely develop my side hustle.

5.) Start competitive shooting in the spring or summer, but do at least one or more competitions this year.

I think those are enough for a year, though I might add some more to it as I go along such as full-time job focused goals as well, I have some of those but they don’t need to go here at the moment.

So this is where I am going to be posting daily, sometimes it might only be my workouts but I am going to be posting something.

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