Post Fast Update…

OK, so it is now about a week or so past the end of my fasting period. At the end of the fast I was down to 202.4, as of Saturday I am now at 208.8, so I went back up a little but I figured a good amount of the weight I lost might have been water weight, so I am good with this. My body fat level is stable at about 25% currently which is down 2.5% and I have lost about 2” on my waist, so I am happy with those results for sure.

I decided at the end of this fast that I would go 20:4 fasting, which didn’t seem to do anything but make me hungrier during the day, so I am going to switch back over to 16:8 intermittent fasting and add lunch in so that I am spreading out my calorie intake over a longer period of time vs a short amount of time.

My end goal is still the same, getting to about 175 lbs., hopefully this will help me get control of my blood pressure and drop it to where I can get rid of the BP meds, that is the goal. Also would like to cut body fat to 10 – 12%, which I think is doable as well. My workouts are still 4 days a week lifting and then doing cardio at least 2, with 1 day a week off of training altogether. This works for me at this point. I might change it down the road but so long as it seems to work I will keep it up. I also wake up every morning and do 100 push-ups.

This weekend the wife and I did stuff around the house. She did her Halloween decorating, mostly on the inside and some outside stuff. Then we did something real fun, we decided that our second room downstairs would be a dedicated home office so we had to move the captains bed out of the room and upstairs into the loft our son used to be in, well that was fun, the captains bed weighs about 350 – 400 pounds, so it was quite fun to move that beast, but we got it up there and no one got crushed. We also had to pick up the wood floors that will go into our living room in the next couple of weeks, so our entire downstairs other than the bedrooms will be hardwood floors.

We also stopped at a local Chevy Dealer and looked at some trucks, we are going to trade in two of our cars and get a single vehicle, we both work in the same location so we basically have an extra car that we don’t need, so we are getting a Colorado pick up truck to replace our Jeep and a Rogue we have. Hopefully I will get that done by the end of the week as well.

Site update, I have the copy written for the front page and I should get that post this week, and then I have to work on the back end stuff for ordering training plans and also figure out how I will collect money for them, not sure what my best option for that will be as of yet, but will be looking into that this week as well.

All for now!

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