Monday & Tuesday Workouts…

And so the journey begins back to a more power building centric workout, here is Monday and Tuesday. Today I will do Shoulders, but haven’t figured that out yet.

Monday – Chest/Triceps

Bench Press – 5 x 8 x 135 lbs.

Dip – 5 x 8 x BW

Incline DB Bench Press – 5 x 8 x 45 lbs.

Finisher – 8 minute Tabata 40/20 on the Heavy Bag.

Tuesday – Back/Biceps

Pull-Ups – 5 x 8 x BW w/2” Band

Barbell Row – 5 x 8 x 115 lbs.

Deadlift – 5 x 8 x 175 lbs.

Barbell Curl – 5 x 8 x 70 lbs.

Finisher – 8 minute Tabata 40/20 on the Elliptical.

Wednesdays of course will be for Shoulders and on Thursday I will do Legs. As far as the diet part of it now getting at least 2 protein drinks per day to increase my protein intake and I have been pretty good eliminating any extra unnatural sugar sources, which is honestly my downfall.

Weighed myself and since re-evaluating my goals and changing my goal weight, I am down half a pound. I am hoping that gets better of the next couple of weeks of course. I have a new scale on the way to me which will give me more stats the one I use now is my fit bit scale which gives me weight and body fat, I want more of a breakdown so the new one does weight, body fat, water weight and lean mass, so more stats. Maybe unnecessary but I see some of those things as important.

Going back to more regular eating just in the two days I have done so has been much better, I have far more energy because I am getting more calories and being I burn way more calories than I consume I am still running a deficit in those terms by huge numbers but without letting my body kick itself into starvation mode. I was seriously doing myself harm by letting my wife dictate how much food I was getting, which led me to making some poor eating choices just to slam down calories that my body needed. No more of that.

Going to try these BCAA’s from for post-workout, I have read some good stuff about them so going to give that a whirl and see how it goes, at least for thirty days or so, to see if it helps. One of my biggest issues post-workout is lactic acid build up which can lead to some serious muscle soreness which I have in my chest, but not to bad.

Oh and started another new book, this time Violence of Mind: Training and Preparation for Extreme Violence  by Varg Freeborn, so far it isn’t bad, jury still out on this one as I haven’t gotten into where it might provide anything of use for my own training I guess. Will check back in on this one after I have gotten through more of it.

OK that is all for now!


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