How to get a Six Pack even if you are a couch Potato…

Ha! Clickbatiest title I could have ever come up with for sure. But I am going to put some truth to that but most people aren’t really going to like it because well most just want the magic pill to weight loss.

Step 1

Get the FUCK OFF the couch! Seriously the reason why you can’t get close to having a six pack is because you aren’t getting off the couch. And when I say this you don’t have to start out doing a lot. Start slow, take a 10 minute walk a day to start out. Do that for the first week or two, then increase it. After that start a challenge of sorts, for me I decided I want to be able to do 100 push ups a day, I am doing 100 per day, I am up to 87 standard before I have to drop to my knees to finish, but I am getting there. I plan on adding 100 air squats to that starting next week.

Step 2

Look at what you are eating, most of anyone’s weight loss is going to happen from changing your diet, not from exercising, the exercise part just aids in what the diet does for you. The best thing you an do is removed as much processed food from your diet as you can, don’t just jump into it, start doing it a little at a time. Just diving in is going to set yourself up for failure. So start small, maybe stop the junk food, but let yourself have at least one cheat day.

So that is it, there really are just two steps to this start exercising and get your diet in order but allow yourself a little bit of leeway.

Now to qualify this with my experience, I started lifting when I was 13 years old, shortly after seeing my first powerlifting competition on the Wide World of Sports on ABC (I am seriously dating myself with this reference) and I fell in love of course. So fast forward a few years at around 16 I did my best bench, never to be repeated again (525 for 3, I was 275 lbs.) due to a shoulder injury. My best deadlift was 750 for reps and I managed 975 for a single, and it went all down hill from there as my knees went south and I have since had two knee surgeries on my left knee. This was all before I was even 18.

Knee surgery number two happened shortly after my son was born, that was in 1995, after some healing I thought I could make a bit of a comeback in strength so I got back to training again and eating. During this time I got my squat and deadlift back to around 675, but my bench never went over 315. I wasn’t paying attention to how much my weight though. I also at this time got my first personal training cert from the ISSA, and eventually later on got certified through the NFPT. So now my weight, well it went up to probably about 415ish, so I was a bit out of control, and once I figured this out I determined I needed to start dropping, it was also at this time that my knees started going south again as well. No surprise being I have degenerative joint disease, so the weight had to come off.

So when did my weight loss journey really start, well back in 2001, so about 17 years ago I started out at over 400 lbs. and today I am around 219, so I have lost nearly half my body weight and maintained that weight loss. I am really at the hard part now, because where I want to be is really around where I am now but I need to change the composition of my body, so my body fat is at around 28% and that is higher than at my biggest, when I was 20% body fat.

What am I doing today? I am working out, at least 6 days a week most weeks, I still have issues with my knees so I have to modify my workouts based on how they feel, so if I can’t lift, I do cardio, but I do something. And of course I have added in those push ups and will add the squats (which I hope will help my knees). Oh yeah, mostly my workouts are CrossFit style workouts, and I usually make up my own or I grab them from the CF website or other resources. I am also working on cleaning up my diet, that is my issue today mostly, I am a serious junk food junkie, so that is where I have to do most of my work. We have been eliminating most processed foods along the way and sticking to actual real food as much as possible.

Another thing I have started is Intermittent Fasting, so I spend 16 hours a day fasting and 8 hours eating per day. I start eating between 12 – 12:30 and stop between 8 – 8:30. That helped get me restarted after a hitting a plateau.

Overall my goal is before the end of 2018 to realign my body composition, with a goal of getting my body fat to around 10 – 12%, I don’t realistically think I can get there this year but I am certainly going to try.

OK, that is all for now.

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