OK, so most people will notice these changes right away and maybe some won’t.

I will continue to use this Blog to write about what is on my mind, but I have something I am trying to start up and in order to keep costs down I needed to re-purpose this particular blog for now, it could magically change back unless it winds up easier to run this new business venture from this location then I will leave it here.

So what am I going to be doing, I am going to be using this to satisfy another part of my creative side, which is making stuff, or art, but I am going to use Kydex and I am going to create things that hopefully people will find useful, at least those who are also interested in firearms and concealed carry will find them good and useful. I do plan on coming up with other items to add which will be made from Kydex, like wallets and trays for keeping your everyday stuff in which you might fill your pockets with.

When will all of these changes be made, hopefully within the next couple of weeks at least for a portion of this, as I will be offering firearms training through this site also and that is something I can get to rather quickly vs. the holster making, because that requires finding an extra $6200 dollars for equipment. I will likely be starting a fund raising campaign somewhere in order to raise the start-up costs that I need to get going.

Part of the purpose for this is to eventually get some serious financial stability, by earning extra money which can go to paying off our bills, our cars, our house and just making sure that there will always be money coming in. Working as a contractor like I do isn’t always the most secure thing, so I want to be ahead of the game just to know I will always have a means of earning money. Would I like it to eventually replace working for someone else, certainly wouldn’t mind at all.

Time will tell.

That is all for now, I will keep posting my workouts which I have been slacking on lately, I have been at it, as well as concentrating on going full on Keto with my diet, that is working out well too. Have we gone full on Keto, not yet, but I would say about 85%, but this week we are going to try and get that up to about 95%.

All for now!

The Madman

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