A Day in the Life of…

So I figured I would start this category, and post type and do it often or maybe not so often so as not to bore anyone to death in a huge way because as you will see my days are rather boring and repetitive. I will start with my Monday.

Generally everyday from Monday through Friday I wake up at around 430AM, hop out of bed and do 100 push-ups (naked, for those curious). Follow that up with a shave and a shower. Coffee once I am done there. Play with our puppy a bit while I get dressed for the full time gig. No food, right now still doing intermittent fasting so I don’t start eating till noon at the earliest any day during the week. We generally then head out the house at around 530 – 540AM, for the around 40 or so minute ride to work. Work runs till around 330ish in the afternoon, I leave, pick up the wife, we work very nearby. 40 or so minute drive home.

Once home we change, for our workout, which is done in our basement gym, we have everything necessary to pull off most crossfit workouts that there are and I either glean them from the CF website itself or from any other number of locations on the web like Wodwell.com or I make up my own workouts. Yesterday was the following:

21-15-9 For Time w/1000M Row at end

75lb Thruster


I finished it all in about 22 minutes.

We follow that up with dinner and an after workout shower.

Bedtime is generally between 10 and 1030PM. Prior to that we do some relaxing playing with the puppy, I do reading and will start adding writing to that in the very near future.

This is my typical boring day, the weekends aren’t much better, I just wake up a bit later most of the time.

All for now!


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