6 & 7 February Workouts

OK, so I have been seriously slacking a bit with getting on here and posting shit, but going to be changing that with this post. So here are the workouts I did the last two days, Monday was an off day because the wife worked late and I didn’t want to eat dinner at around 830.

6 February

4 sets, 8 Reps

KB Goblet Squat, 53 lbs.

Sumo Deadlift, 165 lbs. (this was easy, too easy)

4 sets, 16 Reps

Box Jump, 12″ Box

Calf Raises, just body weight

Finisher – 850 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles, 4:50

Time 37 Minutes

7 February

4 sets, 8 reps

DB Incline Press, 50 lbs.

Barbell Row, 115 lbs. (gotta go heavier here too)

EZ Bar Curl, 68 lbs.

4 sets, 12 reps

Bench Dips, BW + 45 lb. plate

Finisher – 750 Meter Row

Plank Tabata – 6 cycles, 4:50 total time.

Time 33 Minutes

These types of workouts have been working more for me, I think that this is just the type of training my body needs, it works.

I am contemplating doing something weird diet wise, to get my body just burning fat, doing a red meat only diet. I am going to research it.


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