The Weekend

So this past weekend we got our first snow, I really wish I had taken some pictures to post here from it, but didn’t really think about that because well living in the North East snow is well expected at this time of year.

Normally I try to get in as many Crossfit style workouts as possible per week because this is what works best for me lately, but on the weekends I have promised my wife that we will go to the local park that has this really nice walking/running trail and so that is what we did on Saturday it was just cold when we started out, temps in the low 30’s but by the time we finished the snow had actually started, not to heavily but it had started snowing. I got in around 2.2 miles on Saturday, mostly walking because this wonderful cold weather has been giving me issues with my knees.

On Sunday we did the same, temps still in the low 30’s but the track was a bit more treacherous on Sunday morning as it was iced over in a lot of places so though I did the same 2.2 miles it was a lot slower because I didn’t feel like slipping and falling and getting hurt and all.

I am going to try to post my daily workouts here on the blog as well as I get to them.


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