Election Day

Normally I would prefer to avoid politics at this point but being a former resident of New Jersey I just had to post something that more or less states I’M SORRY former home, you are officially screwed and you all did it to yourselves. Now that the democrats control it all you are going to be taking it in the REAR something fierce, get ready because once this new guy hits office come January of next year they are going to hit you with everything you always wished for. You are going to get a higher minimum wage, followed by massive job losses because small businesses can’t absorb that increase. And of course lets not forget all the new taxes that are going to come along as well, you want relief from those taxes but wait, who is going to pay for all the illegals who are going to flock to NJ because it is now a sanctuary state, not to mention they state the schools are underfunded, who is going to pay for that, well you are going to wind up with higher income and property taxes, so there will be no relief in site for any of you at all. Just remember after this all starts that you wanted this, likely because you were happy to hear they would be legalizing marijuana, what a bunch of knuckleheads you all are. Now mind you I am not much better off, I live in liberal northern Delaware now, and well it is trying hard to be like NJ at least in terms of increasing property taxes, so though I pay way less the schools that do nothing for me or my family are trying to stick it to me as well.


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